Lacrosse Balls for self-care between massage sessions

For those of you who know me you know that I am never far from a lacrosse ball. These little balls (ha, I just said little balls) are one of the best forms of self-care. They are really cheap, like 3$ and are at any self-respecting sporting goods store; matching colors optional.
The way that I explain the importance of self-care is like this. I can only do so much in the massage room. Most people don’t get enough bodywork and once a month is about the average. Rarely do I see someone who goes once a week. Self-care you can do every day or even three times a day. If you can get some improvement in your worst areas on your own then I can get so much further with a massage. Use the lacrosse ball to treat specific areas of tension and when you get back on the table I can re-address the entire structure that area is a part of. Trust me you will be amazed at what some work with one of the lacrosse balls can do. I would even go so far as to say they rank slightly higher than foam rollers for self-care; but you won’t catch me far from my foam roller either.
To use a lacrosse ball just put it on the area of tightness and roll it around. The forearms are a really good place to start. Another good area is the spots between your shoulder blades. Stand with your back against a wall. Place the ball over your shoulder and lean forward enough for the ball to slip down behind your back. When the ball gets to the area between your shoulder blades, lean back into it. You can adjust the pressure and put the ball where you want by bending your knees. The next method is to try this same position but do it lying on the ground so that your bodyweight is the pressure. (you can always have someone place a 35lb weight on your chest just for fun as well.)
The key is to just be creative and find what works. Hope that helps!

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